1. Nakuru lawmakers vote in favour of finance bill

    11 out of 12 MPs in Nakuru, including Woman representative Liza Cheluele, voted in favour of the bill.

  2. Could this be the beginning of a new era for Nakuru?

    It was like nothing Nakuru had ever seen before, business literally came to a standstill and this time it was not because of a flamboyant preacher known for his penchant for dramatic entrances...

  3. Nakuru Gen Z rest opposite Statehouse during anti-finance bill demos

    Police had earlier blocked the group of protestors at Gate iguru to deny them access to the Nakuru State house .

  4. 'Hawa majamaa wanataka kutumaliza' Nakuru youth speak on Finance Bill

    Jim Gatani, a model and actor, says “hawa majamaa wanataka kutumaliza”.

  5. Pumpkin flour and seed granaries take the show at Nakuru's organic food expo

    Having carved out a niche market for herself and her group to which they sell the flour from as little as Sh. 200, Wanjiku admits that despite the crop being a low-maintenance crop, she faces the...

  6. Nakuru teacher devises fun way to empower girls through crocheting

    Consequently, she engaged schools through her ‘Cords for Change’ program where she teaches primary school teachers and pupils on crocheting.

  7. Why we will be joining protests against the Finance Bill in Nakuru city

    Her reasons to participate in today’s protests is to air her dissatisfaction on the representation by the MPs who she said have failed to push their interests.

  8. My Hood: How I ended up at Sewage estate during 2007/08 post-election violence

    Then, he describes the Sewage estate as a vast empty land sitting idle with one or two neighbours at a sight level and the Eileen Ngochoch Primary school in sight.

  9. Shadows: Film shot and produced in Nakuru set to premier on Saturday

    Digging into the theme of Shadows, Mucha explains that the film goes in tandem with issues surrounding men's mental health.

  10. Construction of Sh500 million agro-industrial park begins in Njoro

    The county government had on the other hand sought to acquire 640 more acres towards the project.

  11. Nakuru ASK show opens doors to Muguka exhibitors

    Muguka is a crop that is very profitable but unfortunately, not very popular in Nakuru County perhaps in Embu, and probably a reason why we’ve not seen its exhibition.

  12. 120 exhibitors expected at the Nakuru ASK show

    The five-day event covering Nakuru, Kericho, Bomet, Narok, Laikipia, and Nyandarua counties will run from 3rd to 7th July with an expected target of 120 exhibitors- new and old.

  13. Nakuru bodaboda operator found dead along Section 58 road

    Unfortunately, Kamau notes they are yet to establish the circumstances under which the father of one was attacked leading to his death.

  14. Soko ya Vijana: Nakuru youth speak on how the exhibition impacted their businesses

    Nancy also emphasized the networking opportunities, stating, she's learned a lot about scaling her business and making improvements.

  15. Set Apart: A vibrant hang out joint for Nakuru's Christian youth

    Set Apart also serves as a stage for talented youth aged 18-30 to showcase their abilities where they not only meet but they have an opportunity to go for missions in schools.

  16. Pushing past the fear of going back to work as a new mother

    Upon returning to work, she admits to grappling with strong feelings of guilt.

  17. Biz Lounge: My grandmother taught me to weave baskets, now I make a living from it

    According to her, one basket can take up a day, hence she has dedicated Saturdays to make the baskets to ensure a steady supply.

  18. Naxouse meets Oldies and Soul in country music event

    Evidently, the two power houses collaborated to make the Oldies and Soul country edition a success.

  19. The joys and sorrows of raising teenagers as a single father

    He’s been tested many times, but the ultimate test came when his son threw a tantrum and set his clothes ablaze.

  20. How content creation helped make the dreams of an 11-year-old from Maili Kumi come true

    Despite being a casual labourer, Ann Kariuki chose to enrol her child in a private school to give her the best education.

  21. Broke or just stingy? Why Nakuru people shy away from paid events

    Even as Nakuru's party-loving aura spreads, one would be curious to know why its residents tend to shy away from paid events.

  22. ICYMI: Find out why Mediheal Hospital has been closed down by auctioneers and why Shabab is slowly becoming an unsafe place to live

    Are we safe? Sad week for Nakuru residents after armed robbers allegedly shot and killed Mama Lucky at her Mpesa shop in Shabab.

  23. Who is stealing vegetables in our kitchen gardens: Residents in Kiamunyi want to know

    For the past few months, the people of Kiamunyi have not been sleeping well. This is thanks to a vegetable thief who has been terrorising the locals.

  24. Four suspects arrested in connection with the killing of Mama Lucky arraigned in court

    Today, the tension that has gripped the locals seems to have eased. For most of this week, the Shabab estate has been on edge after one Florida Khameta, affectionately known as Mama Lucky, was...

  25. No more boring cakes, meet cake artist Keziah Wambui

    Cake decorating has become the ultimate form of creative expression for bakers. Today, every celebration is an opportunity for consumers to indulge their aesthetic senses and for bakers to...

  26. Hey Oldies and Soul lovers, we're going Country!

    Additionally, he notes that the difference in venues has been intentional, as the team plans to make the event an opportunity for people to tour different places in Nakuru.

  27. 'But I paid anyhow,' A Lee Kinyanjui production

    Today I paid my taxes, to build houses I will never live in and a health care that will not care when needed but I paid anyhow

  28. Why your stage has moved from Shik park hotel to Gatehouse

    In an interview with the stage manager for Uchumi 44 Sacco, David Gachie, he expressed delight now that the stage is under construction.

  29. Navigating the LinkedIn universe like a pro

    Plus, frequent and erroneous spelling and grammatical errors will give the impression that you're less than meticulous.

  30. Who killed Mama Lucky in Shabab?

    In an interview with Mtaa Wangu, Shabab area MCA David Wathiai says the suspects are believed to be rough boys from the area who have decided to turn to crime and terrorize residents.

  31. Nakuru Mediheal hospital auctioned over Sh 40 million debt

    Among the assets attached include 10 motor vehicles, medical equipment, furniture and electronics.

  32. Lack of awareness on mental health programs hurting male campus students

    To curb this challenge, Dr. Mwenda notes that the institution has designed different ways of creating awareness.

  33. Grandpa who died after bees attacked him outside Gilanis had 'good vibes'

    I choose to remember him as my personal friend who loved me and my siblings. I saw him as a brother, and I loved him deeply. I am deeply saddened

  34. How spoken word King Willie Oeba plans to mark 10 years in the game

    Oeba who is currently in New York for his fellowship took to his social media asking his fans on a poll, where his next concert should be held between Nairobi and Nakuru.

  35. What is chasing bees away from their natural habitats to urban areas?

    Bees typically swarm once a year for reproduction purposes in their natural environment, with half the population moving and the other half staying.

  36. How a childhood hobby grew into lucrative business for Nakuru woman

    Asked whether the beautiful granite pots in the market have affected the demand of traditional pots Ms Maloba notes that traditional pots' charm many.

  37. Daring Kiamunyi farmers dig their feet into millet farming

    There is also an alternative to seek out labourers to weed, which Gladys notes is expensive as it costs Sh. 400 on 10 feet by 10 feet, therefore opting to do it alone.

  38. What you should do in case of a bee attack

    Additionally, enforcement officers should not undertake this task, as improper removal could lead to further harm.

  39. What killed Nakuru church dance crews that reigned supreme a decade ago?

    Back then, we had so many children and youth concerts that we held across denominations, and this is what made a lot of us stay in church.

  40. Biz Lounge: A movie scene kick starts string art business for 29-year-old

    Upon completing his degree in Procurement, Kagia dedicated himself fully to his embroidery and string art business.

  41. Road construction between Westside Mall and D n D complex along West Road to be completed today

    The section had been closed since May 26 to allow for the reconstruction of the badly worn areas.

  42. 'Poor marketing, lack of funding, hurts Nakuru's theatre industry,' play directors say

    Both Muthoni and Mwangi agree that funding and resource mobilization are challenges in the theatre space and hope to get more support in the area.

  43. Striking clinical officers clash with Nakuru county administration

    Mr Wachira faulted the administration for violating the rights of their members by discriminating against them in their employment terms.

  44. ICYMI: This week in Nakuru was all about bees invading the CBD and dramatic protests

    You don't have to go to Mombasa to get that coastal vibe. You can get it right here in Nakuru.

  45. Escape from hospital: Inmate serving life sentence for defilement goes missing

    Narrating this bizarre incident, the hospital’s medical superintended Dr James Waweru says Cheruyot left with the cuffs on his legs.

  46. Mental wellness: When asking for help is seen as weakness

    Collins Kamau, an IT student, highlighted the stigma surrounding men's mental health, which is often seen as a sign of weakness or lack of masculinity.

  47. RVIST closed indefinitely after students protest in Nakuru

    The protests began at the school's administration offices, but police managed to disperse the students, causing the chaos to spill over to the business centre outside the school.

  48. Campus confessions: A group of drunk men, pretty women and a shocking alcohol bill

    Tulipiga sherehe ingine proper. It was our first time in that club and the experience was surreal.

  49. 15 schools turn up for the largest skating competition in Nakuru city

    "In today's event we held races for both speed skating and slalom skating. The races were intense and highly competitive with all the schools bringing their A game.

  50. Meet Nakuru's Mitumba Iron Man

    Kelvin Muhinye's right arm moves in a well-orchestrated rhythm as he moves an iron box back and forth with a precision that seems synchronised to an inner beat.