1. Why Maruti's are famous in Naivasha

    They are small and uncomfortable to ride in, but here in Naivasha they are a favourite with the locals.

  2. Why the amended revenue allocation bill will favour Kaptwembwa and other densely populated wards

    Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika yesterday assented to the Nakuru County Revenue Allocation (Amended) Act, which brings revenue sharing for county development in line with the latest population...

  3. Where are the maize seeds? Farmers in Nakuru decry seed crisis

    Farmers in Nakuru have pointed an accusing finger at the government following a shortage of maize seeds at the Kenya Seed Company (KSC) - Nakuru depot.

  4. A platform created to boost local farming still not popular with farmers: Nakuru Farmers Call Center

    In the 80s, in order for farmers to receive extension services, field officers relied on community meetings, known as barazas, to provide farmers with agricultural information.

  5. My Hood: The estate that goes to sleep at 9pm

    For those who grew up in Stadi in the earlier years, Afraha Stadium holds a special place in their hearts as it was here that they could watch live matches, play football and develop their talents.

  6. "Goodbye my love", Shadrack Mbao's heartbreaking tribute to his wife and children as pipeline family lays to rest seven family members

    One by one, brown coffins with gold handles were carried from the hearses to the altar. On each was a bouquet of purple and white roses, arranged with other flowers and tied with a white ribbon.

  7. A fun way to keep your child occupied during the school holidays

    Parents are opting to go beyond the usual good grades in Kiswahili and maths for their children. Some parents have opted for their children to have additional skills in sports, others for music...

  8. Businesses face eviction as EACC recovers grabbed land in the CBD

    The land, which covers half an acre and is valued at Sh100 million and houses offices, cyber cafes and a hotel, will be returned to the government after being in private hands for three decades.

  9. Inside the war between estate bar owners and local government administration

    According to BAHLITA secretary general Boniface Gachoka, they have so far been able to negotiate the reopening of 500 bars and liquor stores and are still working on the rest.

  10. Padded Initiative: Here are the CBD shops that offer free emergency menstrual pads to women in need

    'Padded' aims to help women overcome some of the challenges associated with menstrual emergencies, such as shame, stigma, lack of access to sanitary products, cost of sanitary products and...

  11. Why plans to open a second Huduma center in Nakuru have stalled

    Obtaining budget approvals has been cited as the main reason why a second Huduma centre has yet to be established in Nakuru County.

  12. Here is a round-up of what made news in Nakuru this week

    Some of the stories making headlines in Nakuru.

  13. The Tik Tok traders and mama mbogas of Wakulima market

    Traders at Wakulima market have been able to digitize their businesses thanks to the installation of internet by the Ministry of Information, Communication, Technology and Digital Economy in...

  14. Eight buffaloes killed by fallen power lines at Lake Nakuru National Park

    A wildlife census conducted by KWS in 2021 showed that Lake Nakuru had the third highest population of buffalo after the Mara Ecosystem and Tsavo.

  15. Explainer: What to do if your car breaks down along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway

    The recent Ngata road accident that claimed seven lives has added to the long list of road accidents that have been witnessed along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway and more specifically the Ngata...

  16. Concern, as only 26 per cent of people in Nakuru are saving for their retirement

    Out of every 10 people in Nakuru, only three are saving for their retirement.

  17. Why Nakuru residents used to temporarily hold their breath when walking towards the footbridge near CIGMA plaza

    About two years ago, the footbridge opposite CIGMA Plaza and Nakuru Railway Station on the way to Nakuru Provincial General Hospital (PGH) was impassable because of a foul smell of urine.

  18. Rainy season exposes the ugly side of Wakulima market

    Clogged drains, foul odours and muddy roads are what greet you at Wakulima market in Biashara District. Here, despite the unfriendly environment, traders go about their business.

  19. From bad to worse news for rugby fans as the Great Rift 10 aside tournament to be a one day-affair this weekend

    For the first time in three decades, history will be made on Saturday as the highly anticipated Great Rift 10 side matches will all be played on one day.

  20. Why you face eviction if you have settled in this area of Menengai

    This is to pave way for the installation of the 55km electric fence around the forest.

  21. Ngata Black Spot: Trucks breaking down on the side of the road is the main cause of accidents, locals say

    This stretch of road, infamously known as a Black Spot, is very narrow. Due to this it sometimes makes it a challenge for motorists to navigate the road.

  22. In Mawanga, Whitehouse, Shabab its business as usual for bars, despite Kindiki's directive on closure of drinking joints

    In Mawanga, White House, Shabab and Barnabas it was as if the CS orders were not in force. Late into the night, some of the bars that had initially been closed were still operating in full view...

  23. How repairing a clients car landed a mechanic in Subukia in drug trafficking trouble

    For Evans, the day began like any other mechanic's day, he was looking forward to finishing the job at hand and returning home. Hopeful that he would get to repeat the same uneventful cycle again...

  24. Fake fertiliser, a threatened farming economy and a troubled farmer: Nakuru's food basket

    In addition to the unpredictable rains, Nakuru farmers have other problems to contend with, these include the sale of fake seeds and subsidised fertiliser.

  25. Agriculture students unite to boost local farming: Nakuru's food basket:

    In Nakuru, farmers struggle to access extension services, with the current farmer-to-extension officer ratio at 1:1500 against the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recommendation of 1:400.

  26. My 19-year journey growing my dreadlocks and how they once got me into trouble in the delivery room

    At 40, Teresa Wambugu is aiming to break the Gunnies world record for the longest dreadlocks.

  27. Seventh family member succumbs to road crash Injuries: Pipeline family tragedy

    Eight-year-old Joyce Muthoni Mbau succumbed to her injuries while still in intensive care at a Nairobi hospital.

  28. Nakuru's Mother Teresa partners with county government for Ramadan food drive

    At least 15 families from the Muslim community in Nakuru East have something to smile about after receiving a food donation from the County Commissioner's office in partnership with the Rani...

  29. Back home in Rongai, missing hero cop swept away by floods was a man of the people

    The 33-year-old, whose body has not been found, drowned after rescuing four people trapped in the floods who were calling for help in Nairobi's central business district.

  30. Memorial service to be held today for six Pipeline family members killed in road accident as family sets funeral date

    The family, who lives in Pipeline, plan to bury their relatives on April 10.

  31. Shabab ward MCA David Waithiai installs street lights two months after Mtaa Wangu, Bwana MCA exposé

    Shabab residents now no longer have to worry about walking at night, thanks to the construction of street lights.

  32. Tinashe: I hope to inspire more young girls to take part in the WRC

    From the upbeat charisma, confidence and determination she exuded during the numerous interviews, it was clear that 19-year-old Tinashe Gatimu was no ordinary teenager.

  33. Here is all you need to know about the hottest stories in Nakuru this week

    As if being one of the top counties for corruption was not enough, this week Nakuru also topped the list for obesity. Sio sisi tumesema ni KDHS. The level of consistency at the top is quite...

  34. Meet 19-year-old poet Timelines, taking Nakuru's poetry scene by storm

    At 19, Denis Mwangi, aka Timelines, is no ordinary poet. He has mastered classroom performance and street poetry, as opposed to the stage performances that many poets have explored.

  35. Nakuru RFC elect new club officials

    Agrrey Omiyo is the new chairman of Nakuru Football Rugby Club (RFC). This follows a successful election held at the club's annual general meeting this week.

  36. Heartbreaking goodbye: Pipeline family recalls pastor's tearful last prayer before crash that killed six

    The Reverend, the second born in the family, was a husband and a pillar of the Bible Truth Revival Ministries Church in Kiririkania, Kuresoi South.

  37. Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee: I gave my life to Christ while at school in Nakuru

    The singer, who is currently based in the US, revealed on Tik Tok that her journey to salvation began in Nakuru when she was eight years old.

  38. My Hood: Why Kaptwembwa remains an attractive place to live despite high crime rates and poor drainage

    Kaptwembwa is one of the largest estates in Nakuru and within it is a cosmopolitan area with an ever growing youth population.

  39. Nakuru boda boda operators speak on why the trade has remained a poor man's job

    Despite the sector being a multi-billion dollar industry that contributes about Sh300 billion to the GDP annually, some operators in Nakuru County have remained poor, surviving on a hand-to-mouth...

  40. Weatherman warns of heavy rains in Nakuru

    The rains are expected to continue into June. Nakuru has been mentioned as one of the places that will experience the heavy rainfall.

  41. Why women in Nakuru are leading in the number of obesity cases

    Women in Nakuru lead in the number of obese cases compared to their male counterparts.

  42. Unpredictable rains leave farmers in Sobea, Baraka, Njoro and Ngata at a crossroads

    At this time of year, James Hitler, a farmer at Baraka Estate, would be admiring the first sprouts from the crops planted on his farm.

  43. Kati ya Subaru na Mark X ni gani kali: Subaru boyz epic response to Mark X drivers

    Subaru Boyz have hit out at Mark X drivers after they took a swipe at them during the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Naivasha.

  44. Biz Lounge: Living hand-to-mouth as an IT professional made me quit my job and start my own laundry business in Racecourse

    Realising the futility of simply being able to maintian his lifestyle on a fixed salary, is when Kelvin Mwangi's journey into entrepreneurship began, driven by a desire to find a solution to a...

  45. Here is a list of places in Nakuru where there is a high risk of an increase in TB infections

    According to the county government, those to be affected are people living in urban areas which they say are at high risk as the spread of the disease could become rampant.

  46. Former Nakuru cook reveals the disgusting side of Ugali sosa

    “To add onto the twist, the sosa is charged at sh. 10,” he says in disgust.

  47. Here's what happened in Nakuru this week

    This week in Nakuru.

  48. Willie Oeba's global fellowship to benefit 12 Nakuru creatives

    This opportunity serves as a beacon of hope to me and a reminder that if you consistently show up and invest in the quality of your work, it will eventually pay off.

  49. WRC: Kedong' spectator stage turns into land of milk and juice

    Another fan, Margaret Njeri , says the Kedong' stage did not meet her expectations in regards to the turn out and level of hype in the area.

  50. What Nakuru residents will be up to this Easter holiday

    On the other hand, Joseph Wanyoike, a family oriented man, cannot wait to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.