1. Dealing with Gen Z in the workplace

    Gen Xers and Millennials have long found themselves working together in different capacities within the workspace, but now Gen Z is entering the fray.

  2. ICYMI: Find out who the winners and losers are in this year's county budget allocations, and why Nakuru residents don't know their street names

    As we continue to help you navigate the job market, here's why your potential employer might reject your application.

  3. How former Lands CS Zachary Njeru failed to meet the expectations of Nakuru residents

    When Mtaa wangu sought to understand the reasons behind their stance, it became clear that the former CS had failed to use the position to raise his political profile and establish himself in the...

  4. New chaff cutter technology hopes to reduce farm accidents

    Dr Joseph Alele, from the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Egerton University, explains to MtaaWangu how the pneumatic and improved chaff cutters work and their key safety principle.

  5. Meet Ann Arot, a philanthropist who is changing the lives of needy children in Olakaria ward, Naivasha

    Aroto, as she is known, was even happier when she received an admission letter from Jomo Kenyatta High School, believing that her dream of becoming a lawyer would finally come true.

  6. Kabarak University launch app seeking to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths

    In addition to this, the innovation integrates with a smartwatch to monitor mothers' blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.

  7. Electronic voting system digitizes elections for Nakuru's Universities

    Hope Mwangi, a third-year Computer Science student, believes that ‘green’ voting is sustainable in the long run as it reduces paper usage.

  8. Inside Kaptembwa's strict chama group that has changed women's lives

    We are working to ensure all members acquire land and build their own houses through our savings, as some members are still young.

  9. It's a go for highly anticipated Rironi-Mau Summit road!

    The president further indicated meeting the leaders from the county to discuss priority development projects to align with the new budget realities.

  10. 'We have not abandoned it,' KURA speaks on incomplete Shabab road

    Eng. Orwa continued to say that so far KURA had done routine patchwork for the whole road and asphalt concrete overlay on a section near the Coca Cola depot.

  11. Police officer in trending photo explains act of kindness that moved netizens

    The father of three, says it warmed his heart seeing the children be comfortable enough to share the meal with him.

  12. Why employers may be rejecting your job application

    Secondly, he notes it's only fair to yourself to apply for a job you are qualified for, adding that some individuals have no passion for the job rather the pay it offers.

  13. Health, Infrastructure departments get highest allocation in Nakuru's budget

    At least 14 billion (66.6 percent) will go to recurrent expenditure while sh. 7 billion (33.4 percent) will go to the development expenditure.

  14. Peter Maina: I was born to become a blacksmith

    At first, Maina joined hands with his friend and started the business as it was expensive to get the equipment required.

  15. Egerton University invents multipurpose grain winnower

    The machine has several basic components; a hopper (chamber holding the grain), engine, blower/ fan, grain collector, dust outlet, and wheels that help with portability.

  16. The 4:30am headache of people living in Kawangware

    More often than not, it's a 4:30 a.m. blast of the "Baby Shark" jingle, two or three times, just enough to wake you up and keep you from going back to sleep.

  17. Kiamunyi police post gets a new name

    The sign may be new, but the police post isn't. This is what used to be known as Kiamunyi Police Post.

  18. Biz Lounge: How I struck gold as a potato farmer in Molo

    Ten years ago, Richard Mbaria was a dedicated maize farmer. All was well until the day he decided to compare his profit margin with that of the potato farmers around him.

  19. How the little-known Roll Ball sport found its way to Nakuru

    The sport consists of two teams that have a maximum of 12 players with six players playing at a time.

  20. The Evil Within: My life dating a confirm gang member

    By the time she was sitting for the exams, Juliet was already initiated into the gang and had become one of the babes to the gang members.

  21. The Evil Within: Journey as a reformed 'gang queen' not a walk in the park

    Her parents who were made aware of her association with the gang had even threatened to disown her.

  22. The Evil Within: When criminals live among us, hiding in plain sight

    When we passed by Pokot’s shop it looked like any other ordinary shop with a signage that has been put at the side of the road reading "fundi wa simu."

  23. The Evil Within: I did not know my husband was a thug

    The mother of three notes that it was not until the police showed up at her doorstep that she got clarity on her husband’s ‘real job’.

  24. The Evil Within: Puzzle of Nakuru criminal gangs operating in residential areas

    This is however contrary to their traditional norm and code where the gangs did not harm the people in the neighbourhood.

  25. How entertainment joints and Nakuru football fans 'survive' the EPL break

    To attract more visitors during breaks, the club has introduced theme nights, guest DJs, and special events.

  26. After 5 street vibes makes its debut in Nakuru city

    The girls in this crew lit the room moving those in the crowd to try one or two moves here and there.

  27. An autopsy report, halfway constructed road and the ASK show feature in Nakuru this week

    It has been a heavy week for Nakuru.

  28. The Evil Within: How drug abuse fans the flames of crime in Nakuru city

    Hezron Okiki, a resident in the area, says many of the children who grow up in informal settlements experience a myriad of challenges and therefore the odds are usually stuck against them.

  29. The Evil Within: EDITOR'S NOTE

    Following a request from you our audience to delve deeper into this issue, Mtaa Wangu carried out an intensive investigation the last two months.

  30. Nakuru youth offer conflicting views on President Ruto's dialogue proposal

    She wondered why the government is insisting on the youth to help him fix the economy, when he is yet to implement the things he promised Kenyans in his manifesto.

  31. What to expect in Ogoti the boychild's debut album

    He has produced single poetry pieces like “Solidarity Forever”, “Wonder Woman” and “Dear Mama” among other pieces.

  32. Behold, the winning animals of Nakuru ASK show

    While he may not have a name, he’s hard to pass by. He looks tough as though he’s ready to fight owing to his big girth.

  33. In the news June 23-29: Find out why Nakuru has a reason to be excited about the Mr World Kenya pageant

    The top trending stories of the week.

  34. Nakuru protests: His only crime was to go look for his brothers to share a meal

    The last thing she remembers her son saying to her was that he was going to look for his young siblings.

  35. Widowed at a young age: How life changed when our husbands died

    Widowed women face challenges such as shock and an inability to accept what has happened. Most cling to the loss, forgetting the memories they shared with their husbands.

  36. Pyrethrum farmers to earn less as Kenyan shilling strengthens

    It is with careful consideration that Kentegra is revising its dried pyrethrum flower pricing, owing to the unprecedented appreciation of the Kenyan shilling.

  37. Nakuru businesses count losses as nationwide protests enter third week

    Nyabuti supports the protests, believing they are for a good cause to ensure the country has good governance, which will ultimately benefit businesses.

  38. Why your social media posts can affect future job opportunities

    This includes being careful about sharing personal life details, political opinions, religious views, and other sensitive topics.

  39. Nakuru Agricultural Show: Where it all begun

    The showgrounds cover 120 acres, though many aspects have evolved over the years, including the condition of some buildings.

  40. Gufy Dox brings thought-provoking performance to Nakuru

    Seamlessly, his poetry transitioned between topics of love, death, infant loss, and extrajudicial killings, evoking deep emotions.

  41. Biz Lounge: A beadwork genius changing lives in Nakuru

    In 2019, Nora Kilelo started Utamaduni Wetu with the aim of empowering unemployed youth and women in Nakuru. Starting with a space at Langalanga Market and a capital of Sh. 5,000, she trained...

  42. NYS Ospreys impress on day 6 of the Nakuball League

    The match of the day pitted Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) against the National Youth Service (NYS) Ospreys.

  43. Creativity or just plain crazy? Hilarious stunts performed by Nakuru Gen Zs during protests

    Instead of just chanting words as they marched down the street, others decided to pull off hilarious stunts that entertained and educated the crowd at the same time.

  44. Kazi ni Kazi: Making a living from an age-old craft

    His work may seem simple to anyone who has never done it before, but Njuguna explains that learning how to sharpen a knife is not easy.

  45. Police launch manhunt for two people suspected of poaching in Lake Nakuru National Park

    The Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nakuru has launched a manhunt for two people suspected of poaching in Lake Nakuru National Park.

  46. Eric Mbandu: Why I quit law school to become a porter and later a consultant in the hospitality industry

    It is not uncommon to find yourself in a career that you later realise you are not passionate about.

  47. Jim Gatani dominates runway, qualifies for Mr World Kenya pageantry

    Gatani says he is humbled to represent Nakuru in this competition, adding that things could only get better from here.

  48. Biz Lounge: The dog whisperers of Nakuru County

    His counterpart, a man who refers to himself as the 'Dog Guru and trainer of Nakuru', started his venture in 2021

  49. Nakuru Statehouse breach: The exact moment when everything went wrong

    In what seemed like a blink of a second, the group managed to force their way in, damaging the guard’s office situated at the gate.

  50. A handful of protesters turn up for demos in Nakuru city

    Promptly, police officers stationed along Moi Road followed them as other patrol vehicles followed suit.