1. Chief George Ng'ang'a: A man on a mission to save boys from sexual abuse

    Chief Ng'ang'a also highlights a critical issue about the absence of father figures in many boys' lives which he believes is crucial to show boys that they are valued and loved.

  2. ICYMI: Flooded classrooms and a nightclub raid among this week's top stories

    From a club shutting down to another femicide case, this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for Nakuru county residents.

  3. Janga la Ngata: How first responders battle mental anguish and a dislike for meat

    What would you do if your profession constantly placed you face to face with road crash scenes and the victims?

  4. Janga la Ngata: The horrific accounts of residents around Ngata black spot

    Asked if he ever feels afraid of seeing an accident scene, Kamau says with a smile, “All that matters to me is stepping in and hopefully saving a life.”

  5. Janga la Ngata: Curse of Salgaa-Sachangwan stretch now drives down to Ngata

    And before the country could end mourning the loss of its citizens, another fatal accident occurred at Migaa near Salgaa where 39 people lost their lives when a Busia bound bus belonging to...

  6. No more strippers in Nakuru, only memories remain

    If you partied way back in 2017 all up until around 2022, you may have frequented or at least partied once at SEBS.

  7. Dear farmer, here's how your animals can be productive in spite of the cold weather

    Despite their thick skin, cows, goats, and sheep are also likely to experience cold stress and get predisposed to pneumonia or foot rot.

  8. Questions raised on how Nakuru spent millions allocated to disaster management

    Mtaa Wangu conducted a poll on the social platform X (formerly Twitter) to gauge the public's satisfaction with the county's flood mitigation efforts.

  9. Issue of Lake Nakuru's pollution now lands in court

    The other respondents in the matter include the Nakuru Water and Sanitation Company Limited, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the Attorney General.

  10. Senate summons Susan Kihika over War memorial saga

    Governor Kihika is also required to appear before the Senate standing committee on Friday to shed light on a number of issues relating to health in the county.

  11. Businesses in Nakuru turn to sharing space in light of economic difficulties

    Kamunyu however emphasizes the importance of understanding and knowing the person you are sharing space with because they can make or break your business.

  12. Exclusive: Groundless lounge workers reveal details of Monday's dramatic raid

    With the hope that things would finally get fixed, Violet and her co-workers went to work but to their rude shock, they found the club empty.

  13. Land where Maai Mahiu tragedy occurred now turns into 'attraction site'

    Joseph Mwaura, who came from Naivasha, was on his way to attend to his business when he decided to make a stop to see what was left after the aftermath.

  14. Nakuru teachers to benefit from new County-KNUT medical cover deal

    The CEC indicated that the county has already formed a committee to spearhead the process and look into the administrative issues to ensure the deal is realized.

  15. Naivasha man stabs wife to death, attempts to harm self

    Reportedly, the couple's fallout and eventual death of the woman happened after she accused her husband of being involved in an extra-marital affair.

  16. Kuongelesha maji: Inside strange traditions practiced when persons drown

    She adds that once the body was retrieved, they’d take sand from the river and preserve the body with it until the date of internment.

  17. Flooded classrooms, wet desks, delay learning for Muslim primary students

    She adds that with the flash floods, they encountered a bit of loss and are taking every precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the learners.

  18. Why Nakuru has experienced fissures in the recent past

    He adds to this by saying this is not the first time this is happening. In 1992, a similar scenario occurred around the Eveready area.

  19. Seed ball technology gains popularity in Molo, helps restore Mau Forest

    Additionally, they are incorporating the planting of fruit tree seedlings like avocado amidst their crops to help improve their livelihoods, income and promote agroforestry.

  20. Cheetahs solidify resounding win during Kenya super series match at NAC

    The winning coach maintained that although his side did not produce the man of the match in the game, Felix Okoth put up a good game.

  21. Barnabas Kipruto: My life as a midwife in Nakuru's largest maternity wing

    For him, despite having many memorable experiences as a midwife, this was one that has stuck with him to date.

  22. The evolution of motherhood through the eyes of Nakuru mums

    Ms Tele adds that it is believed most mothers from her generation were emotionally distant or didn't sit down to have conversations with their children like the modern-day mothers.

  23. Why Nakuru activist wants counties to stop hiring private law firms

    Mr Omusundi the executive director of the Grassroot Civilian Oversight initiative who filed the petition in November last year, wants the county executive barred from using public funds to meet...

  24. Biz Lounge: How a profitable business sprouted from tree seedlings in Mau Narok

    Kimani revealed that the tree seedling business is profitable and urged the youth to embrace the culture.

  25. A tribute to the mum of the group in every girl squad

    Many of the fisis that would frequent these joints and try make a move on one of us weren't too happy with Caro since she shooed them away.

  26. How baboon mums selflessly care for their young and the entire troop

    Needless to say in the absence of the male, he says baboon mothers are known to charge aggressively to protect the infants.

  27. ICYMI: Here's what went down in Nakuru this week

    What happened in Nakuru County this week

  28. How to thrive as a car wash attendant in Nakuru

    She adds that some of the customers test her honesty by intentionally leaving valuables and money in the cars.

  29. End of search as bodies of sisters who drowned in Njoro are found

    Their bodies are yet to be taken to Egerton University mortuary at Egerton University.

  30. Players to watch out for this weekend during Kenya Super series match

    Other than him, Buyachi notes that their man of the match against Buffalos’, Felix Okoth, is a man of strength to look out for in the coming games.

  31. What to wear when partying in Nakuru's cold without giving Sunday school vibes

    Be sure to dress him in the 'Subaru boys' half puffer jackets so that we can admire his arms. After all, kuangalia ni bure.

  32. 'I watched my daughters drown' mother of sisters who drowned in Njoro speaks

    I told them to wake up early so that they can use the bridge and not their usual crossing point

  33. Palma wa Vasho: A brilliant Naivasha poet blending poetry with activism

    I hope the powerful words and performances will be instruments for change in Nakuru and the country at large

  34. Is Eldoret threatening Nakuru's 'Vegas' title?

    About a week ago, Abel Mutua, known by his fans as Mkurugenzi or Mkuruu also announced that his highly acclaimed show Jyuuce Party will be held in Eldoret on June 15, bypassing Nakuru.

  35. My Hood: What to expect if you plan to live in Ngata gate estate

    Indeed, this is the case as some of the most affluent people in Nakuru and also within the country have residences in this estate.

  36. How the Ogiek in Molo use honey as food, medicine and dowry

    He although questions how there is honey all through the year yet honey is harvested twice annually.

  37. Shock as two teenage sisters drown in River Ndarugu

    Chief Muna notes that the bodies of the two girls are yet to be recovered but the local divers are working tirelessly to recover the bodies with the recovery efforts being done by four divers.

  38. Hey hiking lovers! Here are alternatives to outdoor activities this rainy season

    Kilimo notes that people can identify safe routes near their homes they can use to do jogging and walks to avoid routes constantly affected by flash floods.

  39. How our jobs have been affected by the rains in Nakuru

    He continues to say that even with the harsh working conditions, the pay has not been increased despite the price increasing for most goods in the market.

  40. Sad tale of families in Kwa Rhonda sleeping in storm water due to poor drainage

    This, according to the families is as a result of the poorly constructed drainage system, describing it as uneven and sloped, with one side elevated and the other side lower, causing water to...

  41. Jadon Simiyu: A boy inspired by men to be a chess champion

    As we interact through a match, Jadon tells Mtaa Wangu that chess was not his first love; football had taken that place.

  42. Rongai residents move to repair damaged road, in fear of further calamity

    The residents have thus taken action by constructing gabions and placing rocks within the gullies to slow down the runoff.

  43. Molo and Njoro sub counties lead in uptake of certified potato seeds

    He continues to say how his average production, which was between 20-30 bags per acre has now increased to 98 bags of ware potato (for consumption) and about 50 bags for seed.

  44. Nakuru teachers offer free online lessons for JSS and high school students

    Parents wishing to enrol their children can register on this link https://forms.gle/kkJbuL25Wn2oawps7.

  45. Help us: Ngata family in distress after mother nature drills sinkhole in farm

    A few meters from the submerged section is a sinkhole that formed immediately after.

  46. Nancy Wangari: A philanthropist using golf to empower needy children

    Choosing to accompany her elder brothers as they indulged in this strange sport, Wangari found herself enthralled by the intrigues of the golf course.

  47. Campus confessions: Our hopeless basketball team at Egerton town campus

    We played so poorly because we were unaware of the game rules. So sema traveling, karibu tufike Timbuktu.

  48. Meet Nakuru's top mixologist, winning hearts one drink at a time

    When you see him mixing different cocktails and coming up with a unique blend that not only tantalises your taste buds but also has a flavour so rich that it leaves you dumbfounded, you can...

  49. Maai Mahiu tragedy revives debate on Nakuru's stalled health projects

    With the incident that occurred last week, one could only imagine how handy the hospital would have come in.

  50. Biz Lounge: Clinician who turned tattoo removal into a thriving business in Nakuru

    With only Sh 50,000, he jumpstarted Dr. Laser tattoo and hair removal clinic.